One of the two wandering authors of Splendiforous Escpades, the avatar of the artist who has made many of the strips, due to often being the only one of the two authors with access to a graphics program more advanced than Windows Paint. She is somewhat scatterbrained, forgets things easily, and tends to find her way to trouble like a compass finds north. Diane is also the one who maintains the Splendiforous Escapades website.

The other of the two wandering authors of Splendiforous Escapades, the avatar of the author who ensures that there are universe other than fantasy ones that the comic goes to. She tends to be the voice of reason, though she can be VERY spontaneous when she wants to be.

A friend of Diane's, he was brought in during the two Author's first trip to Middle-Earth in an attempt to ward off a group of Orcs. He managed to do so quite spectacularly, sending them all running home to their mommys (quite literally) and was then brought along with Diane and Ayla as they went in search of the Fellowship. Due to the fact that he stayed with the Fellowship instead of chasing after Legolas with Diane and Ayla, he got left behind in Middle-Earth, and is still there, much to the annoyance of Gandalf.

You all know him from the books by JRR Tolkien, and the movie adaptions of those books by Peter Jackson. But this Legolas is a little different from the one you know from there - for one thing, he has an attitude, and is classified in this comic, technicaly, as the villain.

This all started when the Authors of Splendiforous Escapades got writer's block, leaving him and the Fellowship hanging for a month. Since he is constantly being hauled around into multiple stories, (some of which are too horrible to even imagine) and occasionally to comics, he decided to do away with the Nice Elf image and got Pissed Off, taking over the comic as he did so. Once Diane and Ayla found out, he was in serious danger of bodily harm, until a talk with Gandalf managed to bring up a way to get rid of the two Authors, and he zapped them into another universe. Since then, he has been doing his best to keep the Authors away from Middle-Earth - and therefore, out of range of marring his perfect Elven body.

Once again, a familair character from the same places as Legolas. And once again, this Frodo is a little different from the one you're used to. For example, he has a very strong aversion to going to Mount Doom on the grounds of the fact that he likes his fingers. He is Mat's co-conspirator in the never-ending plan to drive Gandalf insane.

Elijah Wood:
Ahhhh, wouldn't YOU like to know why he's on the cast page when he only appeared for two comics! Well, too bad for you. It's part of the plot that hasn't been revealed yet...

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