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2006/02/25: Gasp, what is this, a new comic? Yep! Enjoy it while it's here...I don't know when the next one'll be up...

2005/05/04: got in the way, and we were unable to write any comics, let along make them and upload them...sorry.

2005/01/15: No excuses, just enjoy the fact that there's a new comic.

2004/10/23: Now begins the fun...

2004/10/02: No excuses for the long gap this time. It just happened. Actually wait - no it didn't it's all your imagination! There was no break in the comics! *attempts to hypnotize the readers*

2004/07/24: ...something went wacky and I apparently forgot to upload some comics...apologies.

2004/07/13: There's really not any news, but heres a funny fact: If you look at our guestbook in netscape, the entries are centered on the page. If you look at the guestbook in Internet Explorer, the entries are aligned on the left. Oddness...and yep, that was a not-so-subtle reminder that we do have a guestbook and appreciate entries. :)

2004/06/02: Yep, it's another one of those rare 'Meanwhile in Middle-Earth' strips. But this one comes with good news! The 'Meanwhile in Middle-Earth' strips are going to become regular fare - the first comic of every month will now be an 8-panel 'Meanwhile in Middle-Earth' strip. So let the fun begin...

2004/05/13: I finally got around to doing the update of the webpage that I've been planning to do for...oh, awhile. Note that we now have a cast page! I figured that since we're over 100 comics, we should probably have one for those people that don't feel like going back and reading all the old comics. (though really, how could you NOT want to read about pikachu hunting and the implosion of the Star Wars universe?) So, feel free to leave a note in out guestbook and tell us whatcha think of the new aditions!

2004/02/14: Ran out of comics and didn't realize it - sorry! Got distracted by my birthday, and hit writer's block...But it's all good now!

2003/11/29: News? What is this news you speak of? We have no news...but I thought I'd put something in here for the heck of it...maybe I'll go find a blog or something so we can update news easier. And therefore more often. Hmm...

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