(Why do we have these? I dunno. They're really not of much use...)

2003/11/01: Whew, well, it's a day late, but there IS a Halloween comic...And what I went through just to get that. Had to renumber a whole bunch of comics. Yech.

2003/09/19: We've gone bi-weekly again! Why? Because we have reason to believe that, with our recent aquisition of a plot, we should be able to make enough comics to have two per week. Go us.

2003/09/14: Splendiforous Escapades has moved to Keenspace! Woohoo! Now the comic will auto-update every week, so no more late comics because of my forgetfulness...

2003/08/30: Gah, after almost running out of comic strips, Ayla and I went on a marathon comic-thinking-up sprint and now have up to comic #61 planned...And I just made half of the planned strips in one night...

2003/08/16: Um, yeah, forgot to update after coming BACK from vacation. Ye gods I hope I can figure out Keenspace soon so this isn't such a pain...

2003/08/08: Heehee...forgot to update before going on vacation...whoopsies.

2003/04/31: Re-organized the archives...The old comics are now split up into Escapades, and the newest comics are at the bottom instead of the top. Makes more sense, and is much easier for me to work with. As a graphics side note, all the comics will now be in 'jpg' format, for those that care, because it works better.

2003/04/29: Another late update, my apologies...I was off in Alberta this time. Shush, yes, I do take a lot of trips. Anyways. Besides the update, I've also gone back and changed all the comics where there were too many colours for the 'gif' format to 'jpg' format. So they look better and stuff. Also archived news.

2003/04/20: Heh, ok, updated a day late. My apologies. I had a rather interesting day yesterday...(bikes and trucks don't mix, mmkay?)

2003/04/12: *cough* *ahem* Ok, sorry about that little disapearing act, folks, but we got busy and ran out of ideas for the comic at the same time. But, not to worry, we now have some ideas, and more comics ready to go, so there won't be any large breaks again anytime soon.

2003/02/03: Yay, Diane's back. And, going against her mother, has updated today when she's supposed to be doing email. Oh well. :)

2003/01/31: yeah, so Diane's in banff for a few days... and i made a very amusing comic... but since diane's the one with the image converter [its bmp format at the moment] i cannot put it up til she's back. so until then, you'll have to stare at diane's bday comic. enjoy!

2003/01/28: Happy Birthday to me, Diane! In celebration, we now have a links page - it leads to some of our favorite webcomics! Do enjoy!

2003/01/15: We're back! And we're bringing in some new characters so we won't get stuck as easily. *nodnod*

2003/01/12: Translation of 'Fun With Elvish Fonts' will come tomorrow - along with another comic! Yay! The translation will be uploaded as a text file, with a link to it after the link to the comic in the archives.

2003/01/04: We ran out of ideas momentarily...so the comics might start coming a little spotchy-like.

2002/12/22: If you haven't noticed yet, we kinda wander around in our storyline. That probably won't be fixed until we GET a storyline. (Yes, we still don't have one)

2002/12/18: Hey there. We hope to have some more interesting things (like a links page) up later, but for now, you'll just have to deal with the comic. Sorry 'bout that!

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